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As they say, “there’s no business-like show business.” As a musician, producing and performing in many shows over the years, when combined with the musical song ‘Anything Goes,” show business can throw up big scenes with laughter and big surprises, all in one. The Republican Party has put on their show, and it was a doozy! I never saw so many women in red dresses or men in red ties.


The assassination attempt on Donald Trump is not acceptable and should be condemned by all. This is not the way to solve political disagreement. That is for the ballot box. But it spurred fund raising and “saved by the grace of GOD” fervor from his acolytes. A biblical phrase “Reap what you Sow” also comes to mind. My hope is that common sense gun legislation might have a chance to bring back the Brady Bill in some semblance.

As a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, am I going to have to get all dressed up like the Republican’s did? HUM. I wasn’t planning on it. I am from Arizona. We know cool. Cool is casual. But being a Democrat, I am flexible and open to ideas. I particularly enjoyed the plank of us all “being more wealthy” but of course I didn’t hear how that was going to happen! And how about J.D. Vance, a never Trumper to a Curious about Trump to being more Trump than Trump! What an evolution for the hillbilly who wrote an elegy. I do believe Mr. Vance is a serious man, and a 39-year-old serious man, who has adopted views expressed in Project 2025 as Vice President, can be dangerous to Democracy for many years to come.


In the meantime, we Democrats, being as open and honest as we are, are doing an excellent job of displaying concerns about President Biden, out in the open in real time. President Biden is the President and the Candidate. He may decide to step back but I’m afraid we are giving the press fodder instead of emphasizing what has been accomplished and still needs to be accomplished under a Democratic administration.


Grand will host the 12th bi-annual West Valley Democratic Candidate Rally sponsored by Grand Democrats, Northwest Valley Democrats, Pebble Creek Democrats, and Legislative Districts (LD) 25, 28 & 29 Democratic Parties. All Democratic Candidates from U.S. Senator, U.S. Congress AZ 08 & AZ 09, Arizona Corporation Commission, LD Senate and House, Maricopa County Attorney, Assessor, Recorder, School Superintendent, Sheriff, Supervisor, Central Arizona Water Conservation District Governing Board, Maricopa Community College Governing Board, and local school board candidates from multiple districts. This year’s Rally will be offered for in-person and Zoom attendance to expand the reach Maricopa County wide. An RSVP is required and is open for sign-up. Come support your Democratic candidates in the November 5 General Election.


August 28 is a special added “Candidate Open House” where all candidates have been invited to meet and greet the public. This open house gives an opportunity to meet candidates up close and personal in a less hectic environment without candidate speeches. I will be giving a briefing on the Democratic National Convention at about 6:30 pm. Come between 5:45-7:45 to meet and greet!


Our Grand Dems Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) events are underway. Post cards are being written for GenZ voters (12-27) on behalf of Keep Arizona Blue Student Collation and LD29 Democratic Party to selected Democrats and Independents. All told, we will write 9000 cards. Sign-ups are underway for the Golden Ticket Teams who will hit the roads in October posting Voter Guides on doors. Sign-up now.


Looking to help our LD29 Senate and House Candidates, they could use you on their teams.



Submit your information and I’m sure someone will reach out to you.


Audrey Van Valkenburg is a regional director of the Arizona Democratic Party and is looking for volunteers to help.

Various groups are currently doing phone and text banking including Maricopa County Democratic Party and Arizona Democratic Party


Our own Elections Committee is being Co-Coordinated by Lynne Leonard and Sherry Douglas. Contact Sherry at


It’s summer and a lot of folks are vacationing, but the Democratic work goes on.













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