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It’s been a busy summer and promises to be a busier election season, as we all gear up for Election 2024. We’ll be listening to powerful speakers throughout the year, personally meeting and greeting candidates; Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities such as canvassing, phone banks, voter registration, and postcard session; Social events; and a Rally in Fall 2024. So let’s all take a deep breath and then begin to determine how each of us will strageically engage in this, perhaps, the most important election in our lives.


We have learned that there have been some changes in leadership at the Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP). First, with the resignation of the Executive Director, former MCDP Executive Director, Jon Ryder, has been appointed as Interim Executive Director. Then, with the resignation of the Chair of MCDP, first Vice Chair Patti O’Neil, a tested leader, has stepped up to the position of Acting Chair. I have sent a brief message to Jon and Patti, on behalf of the Board and members expressing our support for MCDP as it transitions and personally offering to help them move forward in ways that I am able to do.


We will continue to work closely with MCDP whose Mission is as follows:”The Maricopa County Democratic Party works to elect Democrats across Maricopa County. We recruit, train, and promote Democratic candidates to ensure Democratic values shape policy across the county and state.” As a PAC, our mission closely aligns with this, as we are dedicated “…to influence future elections by supporting local, state and national Democratic candidates…”. We actualize our mission, in part, by raising funds and providing financial support for these candidates.



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