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February 2024

Where will you be on Monday, January 20,  2025, Presidential Inauguration Day? Will your be cheering or?  Will you say proudly “I did all I could,” or regretfully whisper, “I wish I had done more”?


In eleven months, will we sigh a breath of relief that Democracy was saved or a sigh of regret that Democracy as we know it is imperiled. How can we, you and I, make a difference?


The future outcome is up to us, isn’t it. Here’s what we need to do to Get-Out-The-Vote  (GOTV) to win. Collectively, it all adds up:

  1. Every door knocked
  2. Entry phone call attempted
  3. Every postcard mailed
  4. Every text sent
  5. Every petition signed
  6. Every check written or donation charged, and
  7. Every vote counts


Do we have the luxury of “leaving it to others” hoping that the job will get done and Democrats will be elected up and down the ballot?


If you, my fellow readers, in addition to promising to VOTE will pitch in to do at least one, if not more, of the above, we have a good shot at electing the Biden-Harris ticket, taking back the Congress and the Arizona legislature, and Arizona Democrats to important offices in the U.S. Senate, Congress, Arizona Corporation Commission, seven Maricopa County offices, CAP Board, and Dysart or other School Boards. This election defines our Democracy at all levels.



LD29, our local Democratic party,  has a texting campaign on-going and will have other voter events in the coming months as does the Maricopa County Democratic Party. Grand Dems will encourage  your participation.


Save the Date, September 21, 2025, 2-4 pm for our Democratic Candidate Super Rally at the Grand. All Democratic Candidates from Joe Biden on down will be invited. In past years, we’ve had over 500 attendees and almost all candidates. It’s a big deal and we want you to come!


In closing, are you a leader? Would you like to join our Grand Dems team as VP? Seriously, as your President,  I am also acting VP, Program and Publicity Chair. To be an effective President, it’s more than I can handle. To ensure that this Club continues into the 2025 year, a VP is a critical need now. We need one person to say, I’m in to ensure our continuity into 2025 and the future. See you around The Grand,


Feel free to contact me with questions or comments at


Bob Walling, President










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