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Because Protecting Democracy Takes all of Us

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Meeting and listening to invited Democratic candidates and elected officials. We invite them to speak at our general membership meetings and other events. Be sure to check out our calendar to keep up do date on all of our upcoming events.

Living Our Democratic Values

The Grand Democrats work to help elect candidates by:


Campaigning for candidates through phone banking, writing postcards, canvassing, literature drops and much more. Search for Organization Sponsors in calendar events to join!


Raising funds to support the Democratic Party, candidates and volunteers in every election cycle.


Organizing candidate rallies to help inform voters by hearing candidates present their ideas and views.

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Adrian Fontes

Honoring Our Democratic Values

Giving back to our community

The Grand Democrats members support several community programs by giving our time and resources.


Sharing Our Democratic Values

Providing a Progressive Community Voice

We invite knowledgeable speakers representing organizations and current issues that aligned with our Grand Democrat’s Values and Mission, to speak at general membership meetings.


These include clean energy, water conservations, strong public education support, affordable healthcare, gun safety, voters’ rights, Medicare and Social Security safeguards, and Dreamers and immigration reform.


Celebrating Our Democratic Values

Share ideas, meet new people and have fun!

In addition to candidate events we host a number of social and fundraising events throughout the year.  Blue Breakfasts - Blue Dinners - Game Nights - Holiday Parties - Social Events - Spring Picnics - Wine Tasting - and much more!


Become a Precinct Committee Person (PC)

Advantages of Being a PC

  • Have access to more information about issues and policy than is found in mainstream media.
  • Gain insight into what is really going on inside the Party and the government.
  • Get to know your elected officials and candidates on a personal basis and give them feedback.
  • Make your voice heard more effectively than just being a registered voter.
  • Participate in the decision-making process in the Party.
  • Vote for the leadership of the Party at all levels: precinct, LD, county, state, and national.
  • Belong to a social network at precinct, LD, county, and state levels with people who share your values and beliefs.
  • Meet new, like-minded friends in your neighborhood and become an active, integral part of it.
  • Gain experience to prepare you for greater responsibility within the Party in the future.
  • Become an elected official!
  • As a future candidate for elected office, gain visibility and network with current elected officials.
  • Opportunities to be appointed to local, county, or state Boards and Commissions.
  • Knowledge about the mechanics of a campaign and the election process.
  • Support from the Democratic Party to run for office in the future.

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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Stay informed about local and national issues and candidates and share ideas.
  • Attend your district monthly meetings.
  • Attend all MCDP County Conventions.
  • Attend training sessions to improve skills and effectiveness as a PC.
  • Help gather signatures and collect clean election $5 donations to support our candidates.
  • Support whoever is the nominee of the Democratic Party after the primary.
  • Respect all other PC’s and candidates. We are all in this together as Democrats.
  • Educate voters in your precinct about the Democratic Party, its nominees, and issues. Help make sure your neighbors are registered and will vote.
  • Build relationships with Democrats in your precinct by door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, and/or organizing informational gatherings for candidates, issues, or values.
  • Find precinct volunteers to assist with Democratic Party activities like canvassing, phone banking, informational gatherings, and social media networking.
  • Sign up voters in your precinct for the Active Early Voting List (AEVL).
  • Help GOTV (Get Out the Vote) when ballots are mailed and on Election Day
  • Support the Party financially in a meaningful way to you.
  • Support from the Democratic Party to run for office in the future.

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