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OCTOBER 28, 2015


The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Roger Rhodes at 6:30 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Lee Askern.




Program Chair Doisey Landry introduced our speaker for the evening, Dianne Post.  Ms. Post is an attorney who over the past 26 years has worked in over 14 countries to design and implement fundamental legal, policy and programmatic reform on issues related to gender equality, domestic violence and empowerment, particularly among the most vulnerable populations.


She spoke to our group on the topic of Private for-profit prisons in Arizona.  Her energetic and highly informative power-point presentation was steeped in statistical facts regarding private prisons in Arizona:

·        Arizona has the top incarceration rate in the West.

·        Arizona ranks second highest in nation on percent of budget spent on prisons, 11% versus national average of 7%.

·        Arizona is one of only four states with a 100% bed guarantee for private prisons.

·        The incarceration rate for Black men and other populations of color is highly disproportionate to that for our White population.

·        Budgets for education have been decreasing at all levels over many years while money spent of private prisons has been consistently increasing.

·        High incarceration rates of the mentally ill and low level drug offenders are counter productive and come with a very high cost.

·        Money spent for prevention and treatment produces vastly better outcomes.


Acceptance of minutes:


The minutes of the September 30, 2015 General Meeting, as posted on our web-site, were accepted as posted.


Treasurer’s Report:


Vice-President Rhodes reported total income of $109.00 for the previous month and expenses of $0.00.




Paula Parkel, membership chair, reported that memberships are being accepted for the 2016 year ($20.00) and that five new memberships have been received to date.  Membership total currently stands at 124.


Diane Miller, social chair, reported 5 members at the last Blue Breakfast and 19 members at the Blue Dinner.




Vice President Rhodes announced that the Valley View Food Bank still needs our assistance and urged members to do what they can to help.  The Food Bank will be moving from its current location soon and is seeking a new location.

Paula Wilson, a new member, has volunteered to serve as Treasurer for the upcoming year.


The Program Committee still needs someone for the media portion of the position.  This involves submitting the monthly notification of meetings, speakers, etc. to the various newspaper sources for publication.  Please contact Program Chair, John Landry or President Reed if you are willing to take on this assignment.


We still need a Host/Hostess for the Holiday Party.  If you have a home large enough for this event and are willing to host the party, please inform one of the Board Members of your interest.  A committee will be organized to assist with this event.

Volunteers are still needed for the 11:30 a.m. slot for the November 7 Garage Sale.  Please call or email President Reed if you can help.


The petition circulated to recall Schools Superintendent, Diane Douglas, garnered 300 signatures in our community.

Attendees were reminded of the jar collecting for the Kids Grand Hand located on a back table and encouraged donations. 

There was no new or old business conducted.


The usual 50/50 raffle was not conducted.


The meeting was adjourned by Vice President Rhodes at 7:30 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jan Ashton-Beazie, Acting Secretary