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Donate and receive an Arizona State Tax Credit. Arizona law allows taxpayers a credit for contributions made to a public school in the state for support of extracurricular activities and character education programs. For 2016, married couples filing jointly may claim a credit up to $400; married couples filing separately may claim up to $200 each; and single/head of household taxpayers may claim up to $200.  The credit is against taxes. If an individual has no tax liability, a credit will not be available for this year; however, it can be carried forward to later years.  When the check is received, the taxpayer will receive a receipt from a school district official.

     GrandDems in Action                                                                          

        Thanks for                                Food Bank Image

        Sharing                             Peanut Butter


                                                Mac & Cheese

                                                Large cans of Soup


                                                Instant Potatoes






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            Thanks for Sharing your Time


                Valley View Food Bank

                10615 W Peoria Ave

                Sun City, AZ

                623-933-3358 and ask for

              Jesse Ramirez or Bill Kowalski